Empowering Learners

One of the central tenets of the ISP mission is to Empower Learners, to give students the opportunity to construct their own understanding about a concept or idea, and to provide opportunities for them to engage in authentic or real world problem solving.

ISP Empowers Learners to
– Think Critically and Creatively
– Work Cooperatively and Independently
– Listen and Communicate Effectively

The above learning habits were on display in our middle school today, as middle school students participated in one of our many Project Days. While grade 7 students were visiting Radio Free Europe and learning about global journalism, grade 8 students were developing their own personal passion projects.

At the same time, grade 6 students were busily designing a new future-focused science lab, as part of our school’s summer expansion project. Working in small groups students were actively engaged in creating new ideas for how this lab might better meet their learning needs. These are not simply theoretical exercises, because some of our students best ideas will likely be incorporated into the new science learning space.

Here, one student explains her group’s science lab design concept:

It is through authentic projects such as the Science Lab Design Project that ISP students will continue to develop life skills, serving them well into their future.

2013-11-11 12.34.43
Students working on initial design
2013-11-11 12.37.04
How does it look in 3-D?
2013-11-11 12.59.23
Guidance from their teacher
2013-11-11 12.59.43
One of many visions

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