Where is my home?

As is the tradition in countless schools and universities around the world, ISP recently convened its graduation ceremony for the class of 2016. We are fortunate indeed to have the opportunity to honor and celebrate with our graduates and their families in one of the most beautiful cities in the world Prague, in one its splendid landmark buildings, Zofin Palace. Each year students, teachers and administrators have an opportunity to share our thoughts about the graduates and their futures. While there were manyRead more

The Fourth “I”

Each year, at graduation time we ask ourselves, “How well have we prepared our students for the future?” Given the unprecedented rate of change in the world, this is a question with no easy answer. My graduation address to the class of 2015, at the stunning Palac Zofin in Prague, was an attempt to perhaps point them in the right direction: Every parent wants their child to be happy and successful, or as we say at ISP to “lead healthy, fulfilling and purposeful lives.” Each year whenRead more

A Once in a Lifetime Day

An essential rite of passage for any high school senior is the graduation. Like thousands of schools around the world, the International School of Prague is no exception, except that our graduation takes place in a palace, the beautiful and ornate Zofin Palace in the heart of Prague! My remarks, as head of school, during this year’s graduation ceremony, were focused on the graduates coming to grips with the changes they were about to encounter and finding their own voice as they step into theRead more

The Dreamers

During the recent International School of Prague graduation ceremony at Zofin Palace, I had the privilege to address the assembled graduates, families, faculty and guests. My words focused on our graduates’ dreams for the future: The last few months have not doubt been a whirlwind experience for you. With university applications, preparing for and taking exams, and all the many things that happen during the senior year, it’s been a very hectic time. After 14 years at ISP or atRead more