Future ready?

Welcome to the twenty first century, where we are inundated with phrases like, “the world is rapidly changing” or “the world is flat.” We’ve heard the clarion call about the world today and tomorrow and we know it’s true. In the blink of an eye, thousands of new strands of information and knowledge, compelling or useless, ground-breaking or trivial, endlessly stream across the globe and our devices. Great leaps in medicine, technology, robotics, new discoveries, new ways of communicating, as well as impending crisis from global warming to unbridled barbaricRead more

I do and I understand

Lau Tzu, the ancient Chinese philosopher is to have said: “I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.” The concept of experiential learning or learning by doing was the theme of ISP’s (International School of Prague) ongoing parent workshop, the Edge in Education. The Edge is a forum in which ISP educators and parents come together to discuss the latest trends in educational research and practice and how this positively impacts learning in ourRead more

Mind the Gap!

What are the latest trends in the world of education? Throughout the school year at the International School of Prague, a parent focus group called the Edge in Education meets to discuss and debate the latest currents in education. Our thematic focus for the year, the “Relevancy Gap,” refers to the gap between what our students traditionally learn in school based on the curriculum and the knowledge and skills that students will actually need and use in their lives. David Perkins, the author ofRead more

The Power of Mindset

How we learn, think, are motivated, are creative, and how we as human beings develop and innovate, has been heavily researched at an accelerating pace over the past decade. The body of evidence about learning and motivation not only informs educators and parents about human behavior and development, but it also helps us reshape our approach to parenting and education. For example, praise to a child about something they achieved, it was assumed, built confidence. In fact, we now knowRead more

Empowering Learners

One of the central tenets of the ISP mission is to Empower Learners, to give students the opportunity to construct their own understanding about a concept or idea, and to provide opportunities for them to engage in authentic or real world problem solving. ISP Empowers Learners to – Think Critically and Creatively – Work Cooperatively and Independently – Listen and Communicate Effectively The above learning habits were on display in our middle school today, as middle school students participated inRead more

The “Edge” in Education

At the International School of Prague, we believe that a great school is one that is committed to bringing to life, an ambitious and forward thinking mission and vision. In order to continue to remain relevant to twenty-first century learners, it is crucial that all members of the school community have the opportunity to provide perspective and ideas in furthering the mission. With the goal of thinking out of the box and generating innovative ideas, ISP teachers have formed themselvesRead more

A Labor of Love

What a great feeling, getting school ready for the start of the new year at the International School of Prague! The campus is a busy beehive of activity; polishing floors, moving furniture, trimming hedges and unpacking boxes. The new faculty are learning the ropes of their newly adopted school and country, and returning teachers, most of whom have been on vacation either visiting their home countries or enjoying exotic locations, or both are getting back into the swing of things.Read more

The Dreamers

During the recent International School of Prague graduation ceremony at Zofin Palace, I had the privilege to address the assembled graduates, families, faculty and guests. My words focused on our graduates’ dreams for the future: The last few months have not doubt been a whirlwind experience for you. With university applications, preparing for and taking exams, and all the many things that happen during the senior year, it’s been a very hectic time. After 14 years at ISP or atRead more

Teachers Summit at the International School of Prague

The international School of Prague recently hosted the 4th Annual Czech Teachers Summit, with a focus on technology integration in the school curriculum. The summit hosted by 24U Computers, was attended by a record number of almost 200 participants, mostly from the Czech educational community. This was a wonderful opportunity to welcome our local educational colleagues to the International School of Prague. The program included a wide range of workshops and keynote speakers, including Srini Swaminathan. Srini works with  “TeachRead more