Stretch Day @ the International School of Prague

One way we encourage deeper, experiential and authentic learning at ISP is through Stretch Days, where students have the opportunity focus on a particular area of learning unencumbered by the traditional bell schedule. By eliminating the usual rotation of classes, where students move from one subject to the next, stretch days allow for longer periods of flexible time for teachers to organize learning experiences which support students to go deeper and learn by doing, without the usual interruptions. As IRead more

Learning to fish – 学习怎么捕鱼

授人以鱼不如授人以渔   Almost 100 years ago, the great American progressive educator, John Dewey said: Only in education, never in the life of farmer, sailor, merchant, physician, or laboratory experimenter, does knowledge mean primarily a store of information aloof from doing. Sitting in on Cecilia’s Grade 4 Chinese language class today was a reaffirmation of our philosophy about how people learn best: learning by doing and constructing one’s own understanding. It’s the first class of the year and Cecila talks to her young students about what it means to learn a language.Read more