Happy Caravan and ISP: Creating change that’s bigger than we are!

Alaa Eddin Janid grew up in Aleppo, Syria. Over the course of his young life, Alaa journeyed from the world of privilege, to witnessing and experiencing  the persecution, oppression and brutality of the Assad regime. As an activist Alaa joined forces with other young people in Aleppo to fight for democracy and human rights, but due to the increasing dangers in the country, Alaa was ultimately forced to leave Syria and become one of millions of people who fled theirRead more

Practice Compassion!

Teaching students to develop values such as compassion and respect through service learning was the topic of the latest parent workshop series, Edge in Education at the International School of Prague. During the workshop, parents, teachers and students had shared their experiences connected to service to others and how the school integrates service learning into our curriculum. Like academic learning, we believe that values education is an essential component of a meaningful and enduring education for our children. After all, a business person who might be well educated academically,Read more